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    Kool Kiy: Life Styler of the Streets

    Kool Kiy: Life Styler of the Streets

    It seems these days anyone with a good idea and Instagram is starting a brand.  But not all of them can be successful. There is a specific hunger, taste, style, ability to network, and most of all a true passion to break into the word of fashion and leave your stamp.  It seems that one trending designer from Jersey City, NJ is determined to earn a spot at the big boy table of fashion business, design, and even manufacturing. 
    Nickwon Arvinger, known to many as Kool Kiy is quickly becoming one of the hottest and most trendy urban designers in the U.S. and beyond today.  His talent for styling the streets has caught attention from hip hop stars such as Bobby Shmurda, Chris Brown, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, and not to mention many well known ballers and athletes.  His dedication to his art, and the fact that he is a full blown sneaker and fashion head truly make him a unique, and thorough street wear designer.  His designs and very well made limited releases are often sold out on his own website and in the many boutiques worldwide that he offers his product to. 
    But besides being a solid urban designer, Kiy offers much more. The college dropout turned mogul in the making has the business execution of a Wall Street CEO. He is very vocal on his branding as well as his business investments and ventures. Not only does Kiy have solid connections in the manufacturing business; he has a fleet of embroidery machines, dtg printers, silk screen and more. He usually produces all of his own products in house to cut turnaround time from weeks to days or less. He also made the big investments to cut down on cost and improve his profit margins. 
    His in house brands include Originals, a 1990s lifestyle brand dedicated to that 90s hip hop feel we all loved as a kid. Club Foreign, a true outlet for Kye's inner self who breathes a passion for foreign cars and dope fits to match his endless sneaker collection; and lastly Rock Hard Vintage, his own spin on the trending Rock and Bleach fashion mix that has been blowing up in the market.
    What's next for Kiy?  Only time will tell; but he is surely on his way to to the top.  He is already in somewhere between 50 - 100 stores worldwide and still growing.  It seems everything he does is right and has a clear vision of his brands and where he sees himself going.  Knowing Kiy on a personal level, we expect his drive and passion will continue to take him to the next level of the streetwear industry and beyond. 
    To see more of Kool Kiy work please check his Instagram @koolkiy or his site bykiy.com
    - Mikey Strong - 

    #ForTheLove | @_DeeThompson

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    2StrongShop & FINALE present a solo art exhibit featuring the works of @_DeeThompson. 6.13.15

    Posted by 2StrongShop on Monday, June 15, 2015

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